I think Chris Trapper has self-image issues

  • Artist: Chris Trapper
  • Album: Hey, You
  • Year: 2006
  • Why I picked it up: The instrument list gave off a strong indie/acoustic rock vibe, with a few standard instruments and a few more unusual ones (what is a bouzouki anyways?)

Overall, this is a pretty good album. A decent part of me, however, would love to just write a typical "generic but decent rock" review, but somehow that doesn't seem fair. While on the surface the music is in fact nothing more than generic rock, something about it seems deeper. It's hard to describe, really, although it no doubt has a lot to do with Trapper's truly inspired orchestration. The album's biggest failing is that most of the songs sound pretty similar, giving it that samey flavor that makes so many albums forgettable. Fortunately, this album seems like it'll stand up better given time than many others.

Incidentally, a bouzouki is a Greek stringed instrument similar to a mandolin. The more you know!

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