• Artist: El Ten Eleven
  • Album: These Promises are Being Videotaped
  • Year: 2008
  • Why I picked it up: I was in the mood for some electronica, and the cover art certainly gives off that vibe.

Not just a poor attempt at Spanglish, El Ten Eleven is a pretty decent electronic band. The music tends to be a bit repetitive, although that is par for the course in the genre. That said, the 27 minute album is quite good. Interestingly, unlike most electronica, the band seems to stay away from synthesizers, relying instead on electric guitars. This even carries through to an unexpected electronic cover of Radiohead's phenomenal "Paranoid Android." That cover, by the way, is probably one of the album's high points, despite the fact that it only sounds like the source material for about a minute.

On a side note to the makers of the artwork: please do not make the inside so bright. You're hurting my eyes.

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