When I look out my window, I see Joan of Arc go by

  • Artist: 46bliss
  • Album: Wish Me Away
  • Year: 2008
  • Why I picked it up: The cute cover of a doll curled up by a window on a rainy day was a nice imagery which appealed to me and I wanted to check it out

46bliss provides a very ethereal electronica sound on this album, which reminds me of Air and their ambient electronica enough to keep me going through the album. When I first listened to it I wasn't a fan, but with each subsequent listen it grew on me and I hold it in high favors now. The beats are solid; the vocalist can really sing, both clearly and with nice electronic distortion when he wants; the instrumentation is varied, something a lot of electronica bands fail to do well; and each track remains poppy enough to become catchy, again, unlike a lot of electronica.

So, yeah ambient electronica. If you know you enjoy the genre, check this out. If you don't, who knows, this album might change your mind.

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